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Read Microsoft WAVE (.wav) sound file



wavread supports multichannel data, with up to 16 bits per sample.

y = wavread('filename') loads a WAVE file specified by the string
filename, returning the sampled data in y. The .wav extension is appended if no extension is given. Amplitude values are in the range [-1,+1].

[y,Fs,bits] = wavread('filename') returns the sample rate (Fs) in Hertz and the number of bits per sample (bits) used to encode the data in the file.

[...] = wavread('filename',N) returns only the first N samples from each channel in the file.

[...] = wavread('filename',[N1 N2]) returns only samples N1 through N2 from each channel in the file.

siz = wavread('filename','size') returns the size of the audio data contained in the file in place of the actual audio data, returning the vector
siz = [samples channels].

See Also

auread      Read NeXT/SUN (.au) sound file

wavwrite    Write Microsoft WAVE (.wav) sound file

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