Replay Gain - A Proposed Standard

Replay Gain File Format

What to store

Three values must be stored.

  1. Peak signal amplitude
  2. "Radio" = Replay Gain adjustment required to make all tracks equal loudness
  3. "Audiophile" = Replay Gain adjustment required to give ideal listening loudness

Where to store them?

Each audio file format represents a unique situation. All audio files would benefit from the inclusion of Replay Gain information. In the following list, the links take you to a suggested format for storing the 3 values within the file. Where there is no link, I'm awaiting suggestions!

Suggestions and further work

All help with this aspect of the implementation of Replay Gain is appreciated. I would especially appreciate help and suggestions from the authors of the following formats: Monkey's Audio (.ape), MPEGplus (.mpc), and any other formats which you'd like to see supported. Please contact me if you can help.